Personalised Jewellery & Gifts
Charm: 99.9 fine silver
Attachment: 92.5 sterling silver
Gemstones: manmade cubic zirconia
Packaging: luxury black and silver
gift boxes with our logo.

Fingerprint Charm
Capture a baby, child or adult print and personalise further with a name.
Standard Price  £40
Charm Shapes:   
Charm Sizes:
Standard - similar to a 1p coin
Pendant - similar to a 10p coin
Large - similar to a £2 coin
Charm Width:
Standard - approx 1-2mm
Chunky - double the standard width

Capturing your print:
We will mail you a fingerprint mould kit.
Return to us and we’ll transfer your print
onto silver.

For more information or to place an order please contact us.