Personalised Jewellery & Gifts
Fingerprint Keyring
Keep a special fingerprint with you all day long with one of our silver
fingerprint keyrings. Personalise further with a name.
Standard Price  £80
Keyring Charm: 99.9 fine silver
Attachment: 92.5 sterling silver
Keyring Chain: 92.5 sterling silver
Gemstones: manmade cubic zirconia
Packaging: luxury black and silver
gift boxes with our logo.

Charm Shapes:   
Charm Sizes:
Large - similar to a £2 coin
Charm Width:
Standard - approx 1-2mm
Chunky - double the standard width

Capturing your print:
We’ll mail you an easy to use fingerprint kit
with full instructions.  Return to us and we’ll
transfer your print onto silver.

For more information or to place an order please contact us.